Revelation Partners provides both Capital and Liquidity to heath care investors, companies, founders, and funds.


Venture funds often find themselves facing limited capital reserves, fund end-of-life issues and demands for liquidity from their limited partners. Revelation Partners offers the following solutions:


  • Provide liquidity to limited partners

  • Provide capital for follow-on financings that maximizes the fund return

  • Restructure fund economics to properly incentivize the investment team



Revelation Partners can assist companies in the following ways:


  • Realign the investor base to fit a company's growth objectives

  • Provide follow-on capital for existing investors that lack reserves

  • Structure and participate in equity financings 


Hedge Funds often make private investments. Revelation Partners can help hedge funds maximize their returns by: 


  • Provide liquidity for private investments

  • Reduce the hedge fund's exposures to follow-on financings


Corporations frequently have private investments that are no longer strategic to their business objectives. Revelation Partners can help corporations by:


  • Provide liquidity for non-strategic assets

  • Helping realign their investment portfolio with corporate objectives

  • Minimizing quarterly write-downs 

  • Eliminating future follow-on requirements



Angel investors, founders, and employees often seek liquidity prior to a company being sold or going public. Revelation Partners offers the following solutions: 


  • Provide liquidity to meet personal cash needs

  • Purchase both common shares and options

  • Allow the individual to get cash immediately while maintaining upside economics in the investment



Banks are facing increasing regulatory demands and may desire to liquidate their private investments to free up additional capital to avoid regulatory issues. Revelation Partners offers the following solutions: 


  • Provide liquidity for private investments

  • Reduce the bank's exposures to follow-on financings

  • Free up management resources to focus on core banking activities