Revelation Partners invests across healthcare sectors with a focus on commercial companies with proven business models or companies with novel technologies that have clear clinical and regulatory pathways. We actively invest in the following healthcare verticals-medical-devices, biopharmaceuticals, healthcare IT, and healthcare services. 


We typically invest between $5 million and $30 million.  We have the ability to do larger deals in conjunction with our limited partners and have done deals as large as $100 million.

Revelation Partners manages several funds dedicated to secondary investing in healthcare.  In total, the investment team manages over $550 million of committed capital.


Leerink Revelation Partners ("LRP") is an investment partnership formed in 2015 through a strategic relationship with SVB Leerink Capital, the asset management affiliate of SVB Leerink. LRP manages $420 million across two funds, the most recent of which, a $228 million fund, began investing in early-2018. To date, LRP has invested in various successful companies, focused on medical devices, biopharma, and healthcare IT and services.

Provide Liquidity For Private Company Investments
Provide Liquidity For Private Company Investments

Revelation Partners provides liquidity to healthcare investors, founders, corporations, and funds. We recognize that building an enduring business takes time as companies progress through multiple stages of maturation. We realize that not all investors, or founders, have the same time horizon. We create innovative solutions for individuals, venture capital firms, and other investors to achieve liquidity in a timely manner that matches their investment goals.


We can provide liquidity for an investor that wishes to exit either all, or just a portion, of their holdings -- for example, a venture fund or founder who is seeking liquidity to invest in other activities.


We also provide liquidity across a portfolio of investments.  As an example, a venture fund that holds a position in several companies may desire liquidity by selling a portion of each investment, thus retaining considerable upside appreciation while getting cash today.



Provide Additional Capital to Funds to Maximize Portfolio Returns

Investors may face a variety of situations where Revelation Partners can provide a solution. Examples include the need for additional capital to support their portfolio companies, the need to liquidate or close out an older fund, the desire to restructure the general partner, or simply the desire to gain liquidity in a portion of a portfolio.


There is no set formula for these transactions, each situation requires a specific solution. We work alongside general partners to craft a solution that meets their needs.


As companies mature, they may find their shareholder base having divergent views towards how to fund the business and how to optimize company values. Revelation Partners can provide solutions that help "bridge the gap" between various shareholders.


For example, we can step in for an investor that may not have the capital to participate in a financing and invest their portion of the funding. Or, we can purchase the ownership of an existing investor who desires liquidity, and then also invest directly in the company.



IntelyCare  Completes Largest Venture Round in Nursing; Raises $45M to Solve Nationwide Workforce Shortage

February 20, 2020




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We understand the needs of both investors and companies, and we have a well-established track record of creating value as a supportive and valuable investor. In addition, our team is an established leader in secondary direct transactions. We have a proven track record of completing both complex, large portfolio transactions as well as less complicated, single company investments. 



Our latest white paper: 

An Overview of Secondary Transactions – For Healthcare Companies

In this white paper, we cover:


  • Introduction to the Secondary Market


  • Why Secondaries?


  • Key Considerations


  • Overview of Secondary Funds – What Makes a Good Secondary Partner?

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